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Conferences, School & District PD Days,

Corporate Events

Keynote talks set the tone for a conference, training day, special event, or an entire school year and my sessions will inspire and engage your audience from start to finish. In addition, I ensure the information we cover will aide in continuing learning and collaboration well beyond the session, so teachers can continue to reflect, plan and grow using our conversations as motivation.


Technology Integration, Assessment Strategies, Teaching & Learning Practices, Campus Culture

As your consultant, I will work with you and your team to affect positive change in your school or district to ultimately increase the positive outcomes of the student experience and create more impactful, enjoyable learning in and around your campus. An effective consultant provides a committed, unbiased partner who will help your school or district achieve your goals and create a more positive, successful learning & teaching environment. 


Instruction, Technology, Professional Growth, New Teachers, Leadership Development

I love the role of Coach where I get to work with an individual or a small group to dedicate my entire focus to helping them work toward specific goals. Through targeted questions and reflection, Coaching opens doors for individuals to better understand themselves, their role, and those around them, which improves the effectiveness of the entire team and how you meet your goals and objectives.


Grade Level/Department, School, District PD,

Team Building, & Event Hosting

Professional development provides opportunities for your team to learn and grow together on any number of topics related to learning & teaching...all with the goal of improving the overall student experience and making learning more impactful and enjoyable. To ensure success, PD sessions should always be well organized with a clearly stated purpose where attendees are active participants in the learning throughout the session.

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