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What does this partnership look like?

As your consultant, I will work diligently alongside you and your team to set & achieve goals which improve learning & teaching by identifying strengths, areas for growth, challenges, and opportunities along the way. The best part of my role as a consultant is getting to be an unbiased set of eyes and ears to help you identify the key components & decisions that will help move your school or district forward. 

At the start of every project, we will go through an extensive interview and inventory to guide us in our conversations and in putting together a plan for success. Along the way, we will revisit the answers and results of that initial conversation to ensure we are staying true to the plan or that we are adjusting accordingly as we learn and discover more valuable information.

Throughout the partnership, you and your team will be able to tap into my passion for education and my vision for what an amazing journey learning can & will be, as well as how empowering educators to embrace this amazing call to teach and work with young people is vital to supporting that journey.

Consulting Areas of Focus

Among the many potential areas of focus in a consulting partnership are:

  • Effective Use of Technology

  • Technology Implementation & Roll-Out

  • Teaching & Learning Best Practices

  • Assessment & Grading Strategies

  • Teacher Training

  • Student Training

  • School Culture

  • Change Management

  • Leadership Development

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